A spotlight into the future of air travel

Air travel hasn't been much of a fun for many due to the number of routine guidelines one has to follow which are usually not present in the usual lifestyle of many. While many Indian air travellers take joy during their initial few flights, the same gets a boring and protocol following procedure with long queues being formed just because people aren't patient enough. Well to add to these woes, the future of air travel doesn't seem become entertaining in the coming future, infact, it is expected to be full of added guidelines and social distancing norms which may increase the hassles of passengers as well as staff members.

There would be isolation between staff and passengers with multiple barriers, face masks and gloves will be everywhere and sight the of disinfectants and chemicals would be the new identity of airports like hospitals are famous for their smell of chemicals.

"Going through an airport will be as enjoyable as an open-heart surgery" says Paul Griffiths, the CEO of Dubai Airports. Many processes would be automated and in case of any technical glitches, passengers may have to face added problems.

With the government looking to being air travel with certain norms and practices, it would be an added woe for the industry to arrange and implement proper following of these social distancing norms which would involve added gear to it's staff members, regular use of disinfectants, deep cleaning of aircrafts and lobby areas and protective barriers being installed to separate counter and baggage staff from the passengers section. This could lead to a decline in profits by quite some margin.

As airlines across the globe crawl out of the lockdown mode, following the governmental guidelines would mean an added cost to them. Passengers would also prefer alternative modes of travel for quite sometime in the near future. Airlines are considered to take care of hygiene and safety of passengers a bit extra than one might find at any other place and given these virus driven hygiene norms, if they continue to be implemented in the long-term could do more of a damage to the airlines business than being shut altogether.

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